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Beyond Status

Beyond Status is an approach to confidential HIV testing, prevention and health that fits your needs. Beyond status means you can take control of your health whether your HIV test result shows you have HIV (HIV+) or you do not (HIV-).

HIV testing is your pathway to support. Based on your test result, you can:

  • Learn about PrEP, PEP, syringe access and other options to keep you HIV negative.
  • Access HIV treatment. Treatment will keep you healthy. It is easy to take and has few or no side effects.

Getting Beyond Status

HIV testing is for everyone, no matter your sexual orientation, race, age, gender, income. But for some, the worry about a result can prevent them from getting tested. The stigma around HIV and how it may impact an individual’s life can be scary. Your experiences with medical services can greatly influence the level of trust and comfort you have around testing. Finding the right service provider who understands your needs and provides culturally appropriate care is important, and local service agencies, sexual health clinics and health departments can assist with this.

The Beyond Status campaign reminds us, no matter what the result, it is just the beginning of your path to staying healthy. Think of a negative or positive HIV test result as just the starting point for how your health care team will take a holistic approach to treatment, services, referrals, and resources. An HIV test is much more than a result, it is peace of mind.

U=U means we can all get beyond status. U=U means undetectable equals untransmittable. If a person living with HIV is on treatment and has an undetectable viral load, they cannot pass HIV to a partner through sex. For more information, visit